The Sisters of the Good Shepherd belongs to a Catholic international congregation of religious women dedicated to promoting the welfare of women and girls.

In 1641, St. John Eudes, a French priest, organized in France a group of religious Sisters to help girls and women victimized by the turbulent society of his time.

200 years later, St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, who desired that the whole world should benefit from this work, organized a central government for the congregation. In 1835, she obtained the blessing of Pope Gregory XVI to establish the world wide mission of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. There followed rapid expansion of the work in Europe, North and South America, North Africa, Asia and Australia.

Over the years, the Good Shepherd Sisters have been trying new forms and methods in the ministry, in response to new needs. We are involved in residential care, service to refugees and migrant workers, pastoral contact with prisoners, counseling, education, human and religious development programs and pastoral work in parishes. Our work has always been directed to girls and women, the marginalized and disadvantaged, abused women and children, pregnant teens, single parents, youth at risk, street children and prostitutes.

We actively participate in the justice and peace movement, share our resources and enter into dialogue to promote a peaceful and non-violent culture so that each one's rights are respected and protected.

Our large Good Shepherd family includes all who share in our mission of love-in-action – our lay associates, co-workers, volunteers, benefactors and past pupils.

The Good Shepherd Congregation, present in the 17 countries, number 4000 sisters.The Provincial  Council of North-East Asia includes Taiwan,  Hong Kong, Macau,China and South Korea. The District Office is in Korea.

Since 1951, the Good Shepherd Sisters have opened several schools and residential centres in Hong Kong. Pelletier Hall and then Pelletier School were established in 1951; Marycove Centre and Marycove School in 1968; Morning Star Hostel in 1972; Our Lady's Hostel in 1974 and Choi Wan Hostel in 1979. The services still under the direction of the Good Shepherd Sisters are Marycove Centre and Marycove School, Our Lady's Hostel and Choi Wan Hostel.

St. Mary Euphrasia said , Gratitude is the memory of the heart”. We are grateful to all who are associated in our ministry of reconciliation.
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